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Nemesis Now's Christmas Brands

At Nemesis Now Christmas we understand the importance of original design, working with the world’s leading fantasy artists, brands and licensors, Nemesis Now Christmas designs, develops and distributes exclusive officially licensed gifts and collectible merchandise.

Licensed Brands

Harry Potter

Witches and Wizards, wands at the ready! Harry Potter is here to bring a touch of magic to Nemesis Now Christmas. Whether you want collectibles to pay homage to ‘The Boy who Lived’ or to show loyalty to your Hogwarts house, we have got everything that your heart desires... always.


Gizmo and the Gremlins have taken Nemesis Now by storm! Hiding as the quirkiest hanging decorations, these characters from this 80’s cult classic film franchise are as recognisable today as they were when it was first released. Help save adorable Gizmo from the mischievous Gremlins today! 


Show your allegiance to the Gods of Metal, even in the festive season, with our exclusive and officially licensed Metallica Christmas collection! Painstakingly designed with the highest attention to detail, bringing you products any Metal Militia Member would be proud to display!


Celebrate the towering sound of heavy metal this Christmas with our exclusive and officially licensed Motörhead collection of hanging ornaments! From the Ace of Spades to the fearsome War Pig, each detail is precision engineered to make your head bang!

Nemesis Now Exclusive Brands

Alator Giftware

Alator is Nemesis Now Christmas' value giftware range. From festive skulls to ornate dragons and ethereal snow globes there’s something here for every customer at prices they can easily afford. These are the ideal products for any Christmas themed gift shop. 

Cult Cuties

From the bewitching minds of our in-house design team comes our Cult Cuties Christmas collection. As you look into their eyes you notice the darkness that resides, encapsulated by occult symbology these figurines are likely to be the cutest festive cultists you've ever seen. 


Bring ethereal balance into your life this Festive period with our dark Baphomet decorations. Contrary to popular belief this triple horned deity is not a symbol of the satanic or the occult, but the embodiment of opposition and contrasting ideas.